Selling Your Home Checklist

 Here’s a checklist that we’ve developed to help guide you when selling your home.

Create a for sale listing for your home

  • Start listing on

  • Add as many details as you can to your listing

  • Decide on a listing price

  • Decide on the commission to offer (if any) to buyer’s brokers

  • Upload Photos or select Professional Photography

Prepare your home for showing

  • Get a lockbox so buyers agents can show your home

  • Put as much away in closets or in storage as you can

  • Organize closets as much as possible – a neat and organized closet is a surprisingly good seller of a home – Expert tip: organize the clothes in your closet by color, it will look like a retail store and people will love it.

  • Clean the windows inside and out

  • Clean up the yard

  • Put some potted flowers or plants on the front steps or porch

  • Get some fresh flowers – lilies are great because they have a strong smell

  • Clean off all horizontal surfaces

  • Vacuum everywhere

  • Dust everywhere (even on top of the fridge and behind the tv)

  • Invite someone over to tell you if any room in your house smells – of pets, of mildew, anything

Market your home

  • Put your home on Zillow, Trulia, and everywhere else – Score! We already did this for you when you completed your listing.

  • HomeLister will provide you with a yard sign so buyers know you are selling

  • Create an infosheet to give to buyers about your home

  • Create an online advertising package to further promote your home

Working with buyers

  • Set Open House times

  • Review Offers Submitted

  • Update HomeLister Listing when an offer is accepted

  • Send the Legal Contract and Disclosures


  • Schedule the closing time and place

  • Schedule the final walkthrough with the buyer

  • Set up an online closing or a mobile closing (CA only allows mobile closings) if you don’t wish to attend the closing in person.

  • Upload any documents signed into HomeLister Document Vault

  • Congratulations!!! You have sold your home.