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Students and academic writers must deal with the additional burden of properly documenting their sources on top of the already difficult research process, which includes gathering relevant and reliable information from different places and analyzing it to draw conclusions or make arguments. Plagiarism, a serious academic offence, could result if this is not done, whether intentionally or unintentionally.

When it comes to avoiding plagiarism charges, you must not only properly cite your sources in your reference list or bibliography (e.g., APA, Harvard, or Vancouver), but you must also handle direct quotations and paraphrase correctly. So, when paraphrasing, make sure to include in-text citations and learn not to rely too heavily on the original source.

Even if you merely rephrase another writer's ideas to make them sound like your own, plagiarism is still possible, as we discussed in our previous article.

You can paraphrase if you interpret and synthesize the information from your sources, rephrasing the ideas in your own words and adding citations at the sentence level, but it is NOT acceptable if you simply copy and paste large chunks of an original source and slightly alter them in the hope that your teacher, editor or reviewer will not notice it.

Researchers and students must be careful not to pass off someone else's work as their own. Intellectual theft is a serious offence.

It's possible you've already heard of all of this. Even so, you may wonder, "How do I correctly paraphrase a source without the risk of unintentional plagiarism?" Learning how to paraphrase a source can be intimidating for many writers, especially those who aren't familiar with the concepts.

It’s quite better to prefer paraphrasing tool over manual rephrasing because tools are more advance and know where to fit the synonyms to remove plagiarism.
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