Get Familiar: The Wolfson Research Exchange

Researcher at Warwick? Let’s get you acquainted with the Research Exchange or the REx, as it’s more affectionately known… By Nuala Clarke Essentials Where is it? The REx is tucked away on the 3rd Floor extension of the Main Library, just to the left. Just follow the green carpet road if you’re unsure. Make sure […]

Is this source scholarly enough?

How many times have you found yourself asking this question, after a frantic Google search to find something (anything!) relevant to your essay? by Kate Courage You finally find a result that looks like it might hold the key to answering the question. However, the website it is from isn’t one you recognise, and you […]

Down The Rabbit-Hole: Sitting an Exam

You find yourself increasingly bored as you revise, yet this revision is leading to something. Exams. And when you’re standing outside the exam hall that boredom turns to utter, utter fear. Your stomach swirls. The doors open. You walk in the hall. And you fall down the rabbit-hole…By Thomas Stewart. Wonderland is not what you […]

When did Green Day last tour UK?

When did Green Day last tour UK? 2004 Who toured with Green Day in 2005? Green Day has 2552 concerts (Page 35) Date Concert Venue Oct 16, 2005 American Idiot Tour Green Day Nutter Center Oct 13, 2005 American Idiot World Tour The Warfield Oct 10, 2005 Green Day / Jimmy Eat World Dignity Health […]

Who wrote The Old Man and the Sea?

Who wrote The Old Man and the Sea? Ernest Hemingway Who wrote Old Man and the Sea and is considered one of the greatest writers of the 20thcentury? Why Ernest Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea? Ernest Hemingway wrote The Old Man and the Sea to prove he wasn’t finished as a writer. […]

Does Fiji have palm trees?

Does Fiji have palm trees? Pritchardia pacifica, the Fiji fan palm, is a species of palm tree in the genus Pritchardia that is native to Tonga. It is also found on Fiji, Samoa, and the Marquesas however these populations are likely to be human introductions. This species is found in tropical dry forests. What countries […]

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